Folly Brewpub Toronto Microbrewery

Folly Brewpub | Microbrewery | Toronto

Folly Brewing is a Microbrewery in Toronto specializing in barrel aged beer.

Choose from a variety of farmhouse and mixed fermentation ales. Be sure to stay for dinner and enjoy some of the best pub food in the city. 


Brewing is about experimenting. We know what we like, but what do you folks like in a brett pale ale? More hops? More brett? More malt balance. Through several versions we're going to find out!

Version One: Using Pilsner and Vienna malts. Hopped with Belma hops exclusively. Brett C.

  • HOPS: German Magnum, Various

  • Yeast: White Labs Brett C.

  • Malts: Various.

  • OG/ FG: 14.5°/2°

  • TERMINAL pH: 4.2