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Folly Brewpub | Microbrewery | Toronto

Folly Brewing is a Microbrewery in Toronto specializing in barrel aged beer.

Choose from a variety of farmhouse and mixed fermentation ales. Be sure to stay for dinner and enjoy some of the best pub food in the city. 





A great man once said “we cannot play ducks and drakes with a native battery of idioms which prescribes egregious collocations of vocables.” We totally agree! To an academic, Inkhorn is a total throw down slam, meaning you’ve written a paper so full of pedantic language that only people who pontificate about Fellini films behind you in the line at the cinema will understand you.

Our Inkhorn is a tribute to their folly. A dark, malty, and tart bruin with notes of dried red fruit from both our malt selection and our (frankly out of control) Brettanomyces Lambicus house culture, Inkhorn is your perfect companion if you're interested in Mozart, James Joyce and... other activities.

  • HOPS: German Magnum, German Tradition

  • YEAST: Our House "George Blend"

  • MALT: Pilsner, Caramunich I, Melanoidin, Special W

  • OG/ FG: 15°/3°

  • TERMINAL pH: 4.0