Folly Brewpub | Toronto Microbrewery

Folly Brewpub | Toronto Microbrewery

Folly Brewing is a Microbrewery in Toronto specializing in brewing small batches and barrels of beer.

Choose from a variety of farmhouse and mixed fermentation ales.

Explore our massive whisky collection of over 400 unique bottles.  Be sure to stay for dinner and enjoy some of the best pub food in the city. 




We know, sometimes we're old Inkhorns. But sometimes we're surprised, humbled, and even at a loss for words. Sometimes we salute the agonarchs.

This beer is the same base as Inkhorn but without the magical tartness that has earned its fame. The beer is dry with flavours of robust caramel malts, raisin bread, and burnt sugar. It's a slightly dryer take on a Belgian-Dubbel that we think is perfect for a spring evening hinting at summer.

  • HOPS: German Magnum, German Tradition

  • YEAST: House "Dark" Blend

  • MALT: Pilsner, Caramunich I, Melanoidin, Special W

  • OG/ FG: 15°/3°

  • TERMINAL pH: 4.2