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Folly Brewing is a Microbrewery in Toronto specializing in barrel aged beer.

Choose from a variety of farmhouse and mixed fermentation ales. Be sure to stay for dinner and enjoy some of the best pub food in the city. 


Saudade is a feeling of longing or nostalgia, which we think is a perfect sentiment for this oddly hoppy oat farmhouse ale which we only plan to brew this one time.

This is a slightly more turbid farmhouse ale due to the addition of flaked oats and a load of Hull Melon hops we added both in the boil and at dry hopping. Despite all those hops, you'd be hard pressed to call this a hoppy beer! Hull Melon have a distinctly different cantaloupe melon and floral, honey-like character that just blend into the body of the beer. The body is bready and has a touch of sweetness echoing from the hop.

Let it warm up a bit and you'll find after a few sips you'll have a really interesting, um, well maybe melon jolly rancher kind of aftertaste. As with most things Folly, subtlety is a word that rhymes with brevity.

  • HOPS: German Magnum, German Hull Melon

  • Yeast: Escarpment Labs’ Fruit Bomb Blend

  • Malts: Pilsner, Munich, Oats

  • OG/ FG: 14°/2°

  • TERMINAL pH: 4.2